Milena Jančič

Licensed real estate broker

»Scietia potentia est!« Knowledge is power!


I am the owner of the company, M Nepremičnine, a real estate broker with a license for real estate brokerage no. 00302, a member of the Board of Directors and of the working group for education of the Association of Real Estate Companies (ZDNP) at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (CCIS).


I started my journey in the real estate business in 2004. As a real estate broker, and later as the director of a subsidiary banking group, I gained a lot of experience in the real estate business, specializing in the field of “risky” real estate. My leadership position helped me to become familiar with and solve even the most difficult cases. In 2012, I continued with my work independently with the goal of offering my clients my knowledge and rich experience. My main principles in work are honesty and trust.


Kindness and perseverance give me charisma, which clients recognize as a positive approach.


A satisfied client is the only key to success.

mag. Egon Repnik

Bachelor of Laws (univ. dipl. prav.), with the state law examination

»Omnia mea mecum porto.« All that is mine I carry with me


I am a graduate from the Faculty of Law at the University of Maribor and have passed the state law examination (PDI). In 2005, I received a masters of Legal Sciences degree from the Faculty of Law at the University of Maribor.


I have many years of experience in preparing and composing legal documents for the implementation of all procedures that are necessary for real estate transactions. The most difficult cases are a challenge, however with good cooperation, the most suitable solution is guaranteed.


I am the owner of the company, Pravno Poslovne Pisarne Versa, where I expand my knowledge and experience even further.


Legal security is the most important principle in my work.