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Energy Performance Certificate

The owner of a building or a building’s individual unit must provide the buyer or tenant, when renting for a period longer than one year, with a valid energy certificate for the building or the building’s individual unit before signing the contract.

The owner needs to ensure that the indicators for energy performance from the building’s energy certificate are presented in the advertisement of the sale or rental.

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List of authorised issuers

List of authorised manufacturers


When is an Energy Performance Certificate not needed?

·         For independent buildings with a total living area that is less than 50 m2.
·         When renting out a building for a period shorter than one year.
·         When selling in the case of a public benefit shown for expropriation.
·         When selling in an execution procedure or in a bankruptcy procedure.
·         When selling or renting property owned by the Republic of Slovenia or a local community that has passed on the basis of a resolution of succession.
·         For simple and non-demanding facilities.
·         For non-residential agricultural buildings, if they do not use energy to regulate indoor climate conditions.
·         For industrial buildings and warehouses.
·         For buildings used for ritual or religious activities.
·         For buildings that are protected in accordance with regulations on the protection of cultural heritage.